Around February 2019 someone by the name Penkari Kabenaran started stalking me on facebook claiming to be my neigbors when I was a child.

A few months later my half sister Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan started stalking me too.

  • Carol Lynn Haltiner claims that everything she writes on internet can be verified by the police. I make printscreens of everthing Carol Lynn Haltiner writes.
  • I don't have contact with Carol Lynn Haltiner since 1992, which means 30 years ago my ex husband and I stopped contact with my half sister after we got married. There was only a short period contact because our mother passed away.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner and I didn't have much contact with each other, my twin sister Kitty Joy Clignett and her were always close.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner claims my father raped her since she was 5 yrs old until she was taken by the Dutch CPS during Christmas 1976 when she was home alone.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner thinks that everyone who knows the truth is old or died and therefore no witnesses are around to proof her wrong.
  • Carol lynn Haltiner has been stalking me since 2019 on Facebook and Twitter.



  • Carol Lynn Haltiner's story changes every year since 2019. I made print screens so I can proof it. Carol Lynn Haltiner is not a firsthand witness. It's all hear say.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner's father impregnated my mother when she was 14 yrs and 9 months. Carol Lynn Haltiner was born when my mother was still 15 yrs old.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner's uncle impregnated my mother's youngest sister when she was 13 years old. Depending on which of my aunt's children is the oldest. It's possible that my aunt got pregnant with 12 yrs old by Carol Lynn Haltiner's uncle. (father's brother)
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner is almost 7 years older than my twin sister and me. Carol Lynn Haltiner was born in 1967.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner was never adopted by my father.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner did not have contact with her own father and her family until 2014.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner never moved back to the US to live, work or study.
  • In 1975 my mother took Carol Lynn, my sister, brother and me to the U.S. while my father was working in Germany. My grandmother called my father to pick us up after a while. Carol Lynn stayed with my mother.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner got shot, that's the scar on her arm. Carol Lynn told me it happened in a bar. My grandmother used to own a bar in Detroit, MI.
  • Penakri Kabenaran is according to Carol Lynn Haltiner the old neigbor, who called CPS during Christmas in 1976 when she was home alone. 
  • Carol lynn Haltiner was never raised by my grandmother. Carol Lynn Haltiner knows Dutch Indies people and Molukkers through my mother when she was married with Wim van Harten. My family does not know any of these people.
  • My family moved from Rozenburg to Middelburg during the summer in 1976.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner was taken in 1976 and placed in foster care during Christmas.
  • My next door neigbors at that time were the Visser family. I know where they moved to. Carol Lynn Haltiner doesn't know the family who moved next door after the Visser family left.
  • My mother had an affair with Willem van Harten and my father found out. He divorced my mother in 1977.
  • There was no contact with Carol Lynn Haltiner from Christmas 1976 until 1986. Carol Lynn visted twice, once stayed the weekend in my twin sister and my room and once she visited my aunt in Belgium when we were there during the summer vacation. Only my mother visited once in a while.
  • After I went to the police and my father was arrested in 1986, my brother stayed with my aunt in Belgium. My twin sister and I were placed in foster home and a children's home. 
  • That case was investigated.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner and my twin sister were close since October 1986. I only saw Carol Lynn Haltiner 3 times with her pimp(?) Leo between October 1986-1987.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner never visited my brother while he lived with my aunt in Belgium.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner not ever mentioned being raped by my father until 1991, Carol  Lynn Haltiner had the chance to press charges in 1986 but later withdrew her statement. Everything Carol Lynn Haltiner claims on internet about my father (and me) is a lie. 

I can imagine why Carol Lynn Haltiner doesn't want to focus on her family, because the truth comes out. I did not have contact with Carol Lynn Haltiner until I was KIDNAPPED by Pieter Valkenburg former Consul Dutch Consulate General in New York in 1991. 

  • Carol Lynn Haltiner WAS NEVER RAPED BY MY FATHER and is a flat out liar. Somebody has, but not my father.
  • Carol Lynn Haltiner lured Kitty Joy Clignett in to prostitution in 1992. Kitty moved from the Zuidsingel in Middelburg to the apartment Carol Lynn Haltiner had in the Veerstraat in Amsterdam (where I met Michael Gosler), while Carol Lynn Haltiner lived in Nieuw Loosdrecht. 
  • Kitty Joy Clignett went to the police in 1993 in Amsterdam to tell about Peter Valentijn about Insurance Fraud. Though, Kitty claimed I was the one who went to the police. My ex husband knows 


Carol Lynn Haltiner is related to Herbert W. Armstrong.

In 2009/2010 Kitty Joy Clignett started going to several Herbert W. Armstrong churches. The 1st one in Eindhoven. Then she was part of Church of God in Wales. In 2013 Kitty Joy Clignett started going to Mark Little's church, also a Herbert W. Armstrong doctrine based church.

Eventhough, I told my twin sister in 2013/2014 about Herbert W. Armstrong, she wouldn't believe it!

Quote article: "The $60,000 question is, do Armstrong supporters really care about his incestuous conduct?"


Carol Lynn Haltiner 10th cousin once removed to Herbert W. Armstrong

Garner Ted Armstrong son of Herbert W. Armstrong

Carol Lynn Haltiner 8th 4 times removed to Jerome Napeolon Bonaparte, though not related to all Bonaparte family.

Fun Fact: PINAULT from Rennes, France is related to APPLETON. Whom is related to Caroline Le Roy Appleton.

Fun Fact: Jake and Dinos Chapman, would they be related to Sara 'Clignett' born Chapman? I wouldn't be surprised.

Carol Lynn Haltiner 8th cousin twice removed Justin Trudeau (the horror prime minister of Canada)

Carol Lynn Haltiner 8th cousin 3 times removed to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier 

Carol Lynn Haltiner 12th cousin to Barack Hussein Obama

Carol Lynn Haltiner 4th cousin 3 times removed to Dorothy Emma Howell, Hillary D. Rodham Clinton's mother.

Carol Lynn Haltiner 11th cousin to Bill Clinton husband Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Carol Lynn Haltiner 13th cousin to Liz Cheney

Carol Lynn Haltiner 11th cousin once removed George H. W. Bush.

Carol Lynn Haltiner 11th cousin twice removed Ronald W. Miller huband Diane Marie Disney (Walt Disney's daughter)

Fun fact: My ex husband Erik de Jonge 12th cousin once removed Lillian Marie Bounds wife Walt Disney