When I was younger my mother told me once in the 80's that my father was not a 'Clignett'. Now, my father divorced my mother in 1977, because when he came home from work one morning (nightshift) my mother was not home. I can still remember this.

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Doing research is not doxing nor stalking, lying and harassing people online breaking the AVG law, like Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan does is doxing and stalking. The FACT that the Raad voor de Kinderbescherming, Veilig Thuis Zeeland REFUSE to rectify my information, I consider that deliberate criminalization of my identity using a psychiatric diagnosis and information of my twin sister to do so.

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Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan refuses to take down all posts with her lies about me. SO, I have the right to write the truth about Carol Lynn Haltiner.

Carol Lynn Haltiner was not ever raped by my father.

Carol Lynn Haltiner's father and uncle groomed my mother and her youngest sister when they were ca. 14 and 12 yrs old when they got pregnant.

Carol Lynn Haltiner has been a prostitute since she was 17 in Amsterdam, NL using the name Laura Milincevich. Carol Lynn Haltiner groomed my twin sister Kitty since the age of 13 and lured her in to prostitution when my sister Kitty had money problems in 1992. I got my sister Kitty out in 1994. 

Carol Lynn Haltiner has worked at all brothels in Amsterdam, NL.

Carol Lynn Haltiner knew a lot of criminals and mobsters even Klaas Bruinsma.

Carol Lynn Haltiner was involved with Peter Valentijn, who got arrested in Italy by the Dutch FIOD in 1993. He was laundering money for the mob and paid a few girls which Carol Lynn Haltiner was one of, 10.000 guilders per month from the money he stole from the mob.

Carol Lynn Haltiner groomed my sister Kitty to get her back in to prostitution, the 2nd time, early 2000's, before Carol Lynn Haltiner relocated to Ireland.

This is a message to Carol Lynn Haltiner, her family (ALL HALTINERS ARE RELATED) and her connections...I know who you all are and stay away from my family and me.

I received a message from my twin sister Kitty and she is not able to take her message posted on Facebook down, because her account got hacked and can't log in.

My twin sister Kitty J. Clignett gave me permission to use her letter to Carol Lynn Haltiner. Kitty refuses to help and support Carol Lynn who clearly made it her mission to ruin my life with her lies. Read what kind of sister Carol Lynn Haltiner has been! AND Kitty received the PROOF that my father never raped or abused Carol Lynn Haltiner!!!!! Our mother was part of the Children of God church (David Berg) something Carol Lynn Haltiner is not mentioning in her 'life story', which changes continuously

This is Kitty's 2nd letter to Carol Lynn Haltiner. I'm posting this with permission.

Michael Lunday another link to pedosexuality and a connection to Carol lynn Haltiner's family.

I have a link to a LUNDAY too, but my ancestor came from Ireland and through him I have a connection to Bruce Springsteen!!!! However, there's a pattern especially from the Irish who moved to the USA like the ancestors of the assassinated Kennedy's. 

Patrick Wojahn from Wisconsin and a College Park, Maryland mayor was arrested for possessing and sharing child sexual exploitation imagery recently. Now, he is one of the many individuals in volved in child pornography who are linked to Carol Lynn Haltiner my crazy ass half sister who falsely accuses me of being involved in that sort of stuff, which through police investigation can not be confirmed.

I checked the WOJAHN's from Wisconsin and Carol Lynn Haltiner is definitely related to them. (here's just one example). I'm convinced that the HALTINER family is part of an international child trafficking or pedosexual ring.

A rumor was spread, this was told by my mother and she got it from somewhere but I can guess who started that rumor, that my father was not my grandfather's child. My grandmother was pregnant with my father while my grandparents were in a divorce. My grandfather Louis Hendrik Clignett's mother was Helena Anna Engelenberg her ancestor Jacob Engelberg came from Gotland in Sweden and guess what? From my DNA test uploaded at I had a lot of results going to Sweden and yes even Gotland in Sweden. This proofs that my grandfather Louis Hendrik Clignett is my grandfather and I suggest that people stop spreading lies. 

The only ones who are descendants from Engelenberg through Arie Clignett are Kim and Gisele Clignett who are in Canada. Helene, his sister, has children with BRARD and yes, is related to Patty Brard.

Sheree BRARD McCarthy and her sister are also related to SKAKEL (Robert F. Kennedy's wife Ethel). They are my 2nd cousins through their mother Helene, she was my father's first cousin.

Franklin Roosevelt founded the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) 'Employing a network of friends and contacts'

His family is linked to the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.


Carol Lynn Haltiner is not related to the assassinated Kennedy's, but is related to a Kennedy family from MICHIGAN. Coincidence has it that that Kennedy family is related to a Churchill family from Massachusetts.

This is William Churchill ancestor of Winston Spencer Churchill, though Winston Churchill is a Spencer through the male line, connects with the William Churchill ancestor of the Churchill family from MASSACHUSETTS > John Churchill and Winston Spencer Churchill > Roger Churchill.

Winston Churchill is Carol Lynn Haltiner's 10th cousin 1x removed


Richard McGarrah Helms, who served as the 8th DCI 1966-1973, originial familyname is LINDEMANN

News article on Richard Helms' death New York Times 2002

My ex husband is related to a HELMS family in Philadelphia, PA who are not related to Richard McGarrah Helms.

Sidney William Souers first Director of Central Intelligence (DCI)

Sidney William Souers Carol Lynn Haltiner's 7th cousin 1x removed



Franklin D. Roosevelt Carol Lynn Haltiner's 8th cousin 3x removed.




The Kennedy assassinations started with Joe Kennedy Jr.. during WWII, in contrary to what we are made to believe. He is the connection, which lead me to the truth. Joe Kennedy jr. had a relationship with s Brazilian spy named Aimée Sottomayor. Kennedy is listed as a Jewish name in the Netherlands. Perhaps the NAZI's thought Joe Kennedy jr. was a Jew?

There is no 'Kennedy curse'

DNA consultants article 2014 'Both JFKs from Jewish roots'

This article suggests that the political Kennedy family, John F. Kennedy for example, have Sephardic Jewish roots from France.

Theodor Herzl and the birth of political Zionism

George de Mohrenschildt was not an official OSS agent see OSS Personnel Files doc.

George de Morhenschildt's genealogy > his grandfather Ferdinand von Mohrenschildt came from Estland > Bernhard von Mohrenschildt  aka "Bernhard Morensköld" > Johann Koch The mayor of Tallinn, Council associate in Reval > Berend Kock "Kochen" Lieutenant Colonel in German Imperial Service, Rittmeister > Johann Kock ca. 1596 Master of Cavalry in the service of the United Netherlands.

Jacqueline Bouvier is Carol Lynn Haltiner's 8th cousin 3x removed.

Russian Revolution 1917

The Unspeakable Things The Bolsheviks Did During Their Reign


Hitler's Jewish soldiers

During WWII many Jewish families fled to the Caribbean or the West Indian Islands. What is wrong with this picture? FACT: There were many Jews in to slavery and owned slaves in the Caribbean and the West Indian Islands. Reference Slave registry in the Netherlands.

Surinam was owned by Zeeland. Desi Bouterse, a criminal and former president of Surinam claims to be a descendant of the Bouterse family in Zeeland. I haven't seen any DNA proof.

Another reason for the assassinations of the Kennedy's (Joe jr, Kathleen, JFK, RFK) in my opinion is a Kennedy family who were slave owners in Surinam connected to The Netherlands.

KENNEDY laan (Kennedylane) street address has nothing to do with the assassinated Kennedy family otherwise it would be named president Kennedylaan. Zeeland is linked to SLAVERY.

There is a chance that the Kennedy slaveowner family in Surinam are very distant relatives of the assassinated Kennedy's. Gilbert Kennedy 3rd earl of Cassillis would be their 1st common ancestor. Joe jr., Kathleen, JFK, RFK etc. and their offspring are the related to the oldest son of the 3rd earl of Cassillis, Gilbert Kennedy (1541-1576). The Kennedy slave owner family in Surinam could be an offspring of the youngest son Sir Thomas Kennedy, master of Cassillis who married Elizabeth Macgill, lady Culzean. I didn't find any links yet there's a gap of about 100 years. Which is like a pattern in many genealogies.

One of the Kennedy slave owner family's ancestor was Hugh Kennedy de Cassillis de Culzean. Their first known ancestor is Robert Kennedy (1655)

Another genealogy (McDonald Wilton) suggests that the political Kennedy family descents from Thomas Kennedy who was David Alexander of Halkerton and Lethen Falconer, Sir DNA722- link to surname Kimberley en Mariot ( Marjorie) Dunbar of Mochrum.

Coat of arms Thomas Kennedy 

DNA consultants article 2014 'Both JFKs from Jewish roots'

Regarding the possible ancestry of John F. Kennedy and his relatives.

Coat of Arms John F. Kennedy

In 1961, John F. Kennedy was presented with a grant of arms for all the descendants of Patrick Kennedy (1823–1858) from the Chief Herald of Ireland. The design of the arms strongly alludes to symbols in the coats of arms of the O'Kennedys of Ormonde and the FitzGeralds of Desmond, from whom the family is believed to be descended. The crest is an armored hand holding four arrows between two olive branches, elements taken from the coat of arms of the United States of America and also symbolic of Kennedy and his brothers.[1]

The CANADY family as House of Names writes, was first found in County Tipperary in Ireland in the 13th century. Canady coat of arms has a similarity to that of John F. Kennedy, black shield with 3 helmets

Early Origins of the Canady family

The surname Canady was first found in County Tipperary (Irish: Thiobraid Árann), established in the 13th century in South-central Ireland, in the province of Munster. This distinguished Irish family were descended from Kennedy, nephew of King Brian Boru, Ireland's great Warrior King who fell in the battle of Clontarf in the year 1014


Which Republicans was John F. Kennedy referring to?

Which Republicans follow(ed) the Hitler line?

The Kennedy assassinations started with Joe Kennedy jr. in 1944. Sending people to war is a 'perfect' cover up, without anyone ever 'finding out'. Joe Kennedy jr. died during WWII while he was on a secret mission. Joe Kennedy jr. was not sent to battle in a platoon, but lost control of his plane. 

Joe Kennedy jr. was not OSS personnel.

On my way to the Netherlands in November 1989 after my stay at Chins Up in Colorado Springs, CO I had two stopovers, In St. Louis and New York. At the JFK airport Mafia Kingfish was sold and I bought a paperback for my father, the hard cover was more expensive. My father read the book of course and he and I were busy a lot with the Kennedy assassinations since my teens. We both watched the movie JFK made by Oliver Stone.


On December 10 1990 I went to New York at age 17. The cabdriver took me from JFK airport to Manhattan, he and I stayed in contact while I was in NY and met up a few times.

I stayed at the Van der Bilt YMCA a few days, before relocating to the Kenmore Hotel. After a week I ran out of money and stayed at the Covenant House. After staying there a few weeks, I was was told to go to the Dutch Consulate in 1991, which was located in the Rockefeller building, to meet Pieter Valkenburg. He took me on the train to his home in Harrison, NY. A few days later I was put on a KLM flight, his then step daughter Kitty (how ironic) took a flight before me.

Bernhard von Lippe Biesterfeld, a very important connection regarding the assassinations of the Kennedy's, which started with Joe Kennedy jr. in 1944. LOCKHEED and Allen Dulles are key factors.

MK Ultra project 1953-1973

MK-Ultra: The CIA's secret pursuit of "mind control" (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Theodore Roosevelt is Lee Harvey Oswald's 3rd cousin 1x removed

Theodore Roosevelt my ex husband's (Erik de Jonge) 10th cousin 2x removed. Through Jozias DEES my ex husband is related to Dick DEES a VVD politician.

Lee Harvey Oswald is my ex husband (Erik de Jonge) 10th cousin 2x removed

J. Edgar Hoover is Carol Lynn Haltiner's 12th cousin 1x removed

Clyde Anderson Tolson Carol Lynn Haltiner's 11th cousin

Jacqueline Bouvier is Carol lynn Haltiner's 8th cousin 3x removed.

Ethel Skakel is Carol Lynn Haltiner's 9th cousin 3x removed. She is also my 14th cousin. Meaning Ethel skakel is Kim and Gisele's (Canada) 14th cousin aswell. This explains why Peter Clignett and Caroline Coté went to Brazil in the 70's.

'FUN FACT': Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau is Carol Lynn Haltiner's 7th cousin 3x removed

Ethel Skakel is my 14th cousin.

Jack Clignett, could be his father if J.W.M Willemse's name is Josephine.

WHY would anyone move to Brazil during a military coup?

How ever, Peter Clignett's wife Caroline Coté is a very interesting link, which in my opinion connects to the death of Joe Kennedy jr. Caroline Coté's father Karl Coté (born in Venlo, Limburg NL), was decorated in the order of Oranje Nassau, source Nationaal Archief. Karl Coté worked for the Inlichtingendienst Buitenland, formely known as Buitenlandse Inlichtingendienst.

Why would anyone immigrate to Brazil during a militarily coup? At the same time Suriname became 'independent'. 

Aimeé de Heeren (Aimée de Sotomayo) is a connection, she also had a relationship with Joe Kennedy jr. 

Philip Agee's book 'Inside the Company CIA Diary' dates from 1975, which is going to explain a lot regarding to what happened to my family in the Netherlands from 1973 until now.

I don't think the CIA ordered the Dutch police to 'legally' kidnap my daughter in 2016 or my half sister in 1976. I can proof who are behind it. Some people hugely fucked up for whom ever they work for. It has nothing to do with the US government, the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex or the FBI. I have all the proof I need.

The first attempt to kidnap my daughter in 2011 didn't succeed.

Sjac van Eijzeren 'youth officer' was involved in the false report which Steve Palmberg did in december 2015. He has a connection to Murray, UTAH, the Mormon or Church of the Latter day Saints. Like Maaike Tamboer-VAN DRIMMELEN has relatives who are part of the Church of the Latter day Saints in UTAH.


Albert Vader alderman in Vlissingen since 2014. 

The Trans Atlantic Council connection Pete Hoekstra former US ambassador to the Netherlands and the Roosevelt Foundation. Pete Hoekstra is Dutch Reformed and member of the Reformed Church in America, like Theodore Roosevelt was, who is related to my ex husband.

2019 was the year I was getting stalked by one of my old neighbors from childhood and my crazy ass half sister Carol Lynn Haltiner. 

Pete Hoekstra's father, Freerik Jan Hoekstra is Ronald Hendrik Oosterbaan's 7th cousin 1x removed

Sybrand van Haersma is Ronald H. Oosterbaan's 7th cousin 4x removed

Sybrand Mariunus van Haersma Buma, grandfather Sybrand van Haersma Buma politician CDA is my 7th cousin 5x removed

Eric Kamerling politician VVD married in to Sybrand van Haersma Buma politician CDA family

Kamerling family

SLAVE OWNER FAMILY according to the slave registry 

Louise Emelie Clignett (Clignett's branch 1)

Carol Lynn Haltiner is related to vaccine pusher Bill Gates.