Published on 4 March 2023 at 00:27

Doing research is not doxing nor stalking, lying and harassing people online breaking the AVG law, like Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan does is doxing and stalking. The FACT that the Raad voor de Kinderbescherming, Veilig Thuis Zeeland REFUSE to rectify my information, I consider that deliberate criminalization of my identity using a psychiatric diagnosis and information of my twin sister to do so.

To the stalkers,

Y'all fucked around with the wrong mother, the wrong sister and the wrong daughter.

I want 800 Million euros compensation for all the damages to my father, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother, my brother, my daughters and me. For unlawfully kidnapping me, Pieter Valkenburg former consul NL consulate NY violation Vienna Agreement, without my fathers consent from the US in January 1991 and causing me to have a depth with Bert Brouwer, who loaned the plane ticket money to Pieter Valkenburg without my knowledge.

Kidnapping my oldest two daughters in 2000 with lies and using Kitty J. Clignett's psychiatric diagnosis which I can proof and again in 2016, using it to take my youngest daughter (planned kidnapping in 2011 didn't succeed)

Where's my father passport Letty Demmers? One of the people going through my possessions took it on February 29 2020.

Kindly regards,

Jennifer A. Clignett

owner AstroSense, LLC- independent researcher and citizen

I have been accused by my half sister on Twitter that I am anti Semitic. No, I'm not anti Semitic. I'm anti TALMUD. People who behave like described in the Talmud,  and it doesn't matter what country you're from or cultural background you've got. I'm against the TALMUD.

I had a talk with my ex husband in 2020 regarding my twin sister who stayed in PZZ, now Emergis, in from September 1994 until January 1995, before relocating to Hilversum. Her psychiatric diagnosis from 1994 was used to have my oldest 2 daughters taken in 2000 and the 1st attempt to take my youngest daughter in 2011, which didn't succeed. The RvdK (Dutch CPS) 

My twin sister was behind the 1st attempt to have me forced committed in Emergis in 2000. There's a witness that my twin sister tried to have me put in Emergis, I hope that person is still alive. I got this information from my medical file with my GP and the dossier from Emergis which was sent to me in 2014.

The dates of my twin sister's information, being put in my medical file, while she was in PZZ, now Emergis.


October 6 1994

November 10 1994

January 25 1995

My twin sister relocated in 1995 to Hilversum. She worked as a live in au pair.

My daughter got a head injury (Frontal Lobe) after she was planned kidnapped. The familymanager of Stichting Intervence refused to let a child neurologist look at my daughter and have a MRI scan made of my daughter head. They NEEDED a TLV (Toelaatbaarheids verklaring) for the OdyZee school. My daughter's bottom teeth were starting to come through before she was planned kidnapped.

This was the first letter I received in 2017 from my daughter after 6 months she was planned kidnapped on October 13 2016. It is clearly partially dictated, because particular words and grammar we never used at home.

This is how my daughter drew at age 6. This drawing she made around May 2016.

This was the first drawing I received with the letter from my daughter which proofs that the bruise on my daughters forehead is head trauma. 

Sira Kamermans former director Stichting Intervence 2020-2021. Karen Boele, former RvdK (Dutch CPS) employee in 2000 who wrote the rapport in 2000 regarding the case with my ex husband and I was never involved.

'Zorgfinder Jeugdzorg' is David van Loenen van Gezinshuis ENSO in Middelburg, They moved to Middelburg from the Arnhem area in 2012.

This proofs children are being planned kidnapped! NO transparency at all. Something to hide perhaps? Child Trafficking? 

This is a profile on Facebook which I didn't create. It's my full name, though. I have a feeling Carol Lynn Haltiner created this profile or another person who was stalking me on Twitter in 2022. I'm not from Amsterdam and do not live in The Hague. There's only one Jennifer Alexandria Clignett in the world.

Edith Ramakers unnecessary named my mother's name 4 times in the PZC September 11 2001. I think my mom was harassed after this article, my mother had to apply to get her US citizenship back and moved back to the US in 2003.