Published on 4 March 2023 at 15:59

When I was younger my mother told me once in the 80's that my father was not a 'Clignett'. Now, my father divorced my mother in 1977, because when he came home from work one morning (nightshift) my mother was not home. I can still remember this.


My mom went out that night before and one of our neighbors were babysitting my brother, my sister and me. My crazy ass half sister Carol Lynn Haltiner, who was in foster care since Christmas 1976 and claims she had the time of her life in the foster home(s), does not know about this.


My mom went out and didn't come home. She was with Willem van Harten. I can remember my mom ringing the doorbell, I opened the door and behind my mom stood Willem van Harten. My mom married Willem van Harten, I think to get Carol Lynn  back from the youth care system. A while later Carol Lynn came by and she took me to the apartment where our mom and Willem van Harten lived in Middelburg Zuid. When Carol Lynn started highschool, they moved to 't Harde, Willem van Harten was in the dutch army. The bottom line is that Carol Lynn Haltiner was not raised with me and doesn't know anything from first insight about my family. Let me be clear about that.


The first time Carol Lynn got in contact with us was in 1986, meaning 10yrs had passed since Christmas 1976. Moving forward to 1993. My brother was working at Albert Hein in Middelburg and he got this girlfriend Renate, she's also Indisch. My mother and Willem van Harten were witnesses at the wedding at Renate's' parents wedding. Which immediately raised a red flag to me.


My mom knew a lot of Indisch and Molukse people, which she got acquainted with after my father divorced her in 1977. After my many researches I can 100% say that a  particular group of Indische and Molkse people are connected to i.e. the Kennedy assassinations. 

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